Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YarmouthCAN or YCAN) assesses local resources, connects resources with people who need them, and works to fill the gaps.

Mission Statement

Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors is an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by citizen volunteers. YCAN works to strengthen the community and meet community needs by connecting available resources with the people who need them.

The organization was founded in late 2008 by concerned citizens in Yarmouth, Maine, with Julia Martin as its founding President. Its mission is to create a sustainable community organization that promotes the connection of resources with people who need them.

YCAN seeks to fulfill its mission through activities such as:

  • Compiling a directory of available resources, and providing information about the availability of organizations that provide social services and assisting in meeting other human needs.
  • Providing a forum to identify and assess needs.
  • Providing a forum for providers of social services to meet and coordinate efforts.
  • Identifying segments of the community who have needs that are not being met by existing services.
  • Facilitating the development of programs designed to address identified needs.
  • Assisting individuals in contacting organizations that may be able to provide needed services.
  • Coordinating the provision of services or assistance and, where appropriate, by directly providing services or assistance to community members in need.
  • Providing volunteer opportunities for community members to support and participate in activities to benefit the Yarmouth Community and its members.
  • Helping to raise funds as needed for programs that are meeting community needs.

Achievements to date

  • YCAN publishes and updates its Resource Guide.
  • A YCAN telephone number provides referrals for those seeking assistance.
  • The Yarmouth Cares Fund (formerly called the Fuel Fund) has raised over $25,000 annually to help Yarmouth residents in need heat, and in a few cases winterize, their homes.
  • YCAN organized a forum for service organizations in the smaller towns surrounding Portland, allowing groups to share ideas and experiences with one another about how we can best meet the needs of our residents.
  • YCAN has organized periodic Community Meetings to solicit raise awareness of the needs within our community and solicit ideas for ways to meet them.
  • Several community food pantries merged to create The Yarmouth Community Food Pantry, which YCAN supports with publicity, fundraising, and accounting services.
  • Project Holiday helps families in need provide holiday gifts and food for their children, with YCAN providing publicity and funding.
  • Operation Bundle Up collects outgrown winter outerwear, cleans it, and distributes it to local families in need, with YCAN providing publicity and coordination.
  • Senior Rides coordinates volunteer drivers to help those who cannot drive get to local shopping areas, with YCAN providing publicity and support.
  • The Yarmouth Community Garden applied for and received a grant, with YCAN serving as the 501(c)(3) umbrella organization for the funding.

Board of Directors

Leslie Hyde, President
Beth Costello, Vice President
Art Bell, Treasurer
Lynn Hynes, Secretary
Leigh Kirchner
Jean Rafford
Nat Tupper
Sue Rowe
Whitney Smith
YCAN is always seeking new or future Board members. Please contact us if you are interested in joining!