Yarmouth Freeze-Out Signup

More Yarmouth residents than you might think are in need of Food, Shelter, Warmth, Transportation, and other forms of Community Support. The Yarmouth Freeze-Out is held annually to raise awareness of these needs and the resources that our community can offer to support those in need.

The Freeze-Out is held in coordination with neighboring towns in the region, and will take place on the green in front of Yarmouth Town Hall from

10 am Saturday, February 15
Noon on Sunday, February 16
(with a break from 10pm Saturday to 5am Sunday)

Will YOU help us build both awareness and community by participating in the Freeze-Out for one or more hours? Volunteers will help inform passers-by and collect any donations that are offered, while having a fun time with the other wonderful volunteers from Yarmouth. Click here to sign up for a time period that works for you and see who else is volunteering. To have even more fun, contact one or more friends and sign up together!

Thank you!

PS: A password should NOT be required when you use the “Click here” link above. However, Google sometimes seems to ask some people (but not others) for one. If you are asked for a password, please try using your web browser’s “anonymous browsing” mode:
– “InPrivate” browsing if you are using Internet Explorer (ctrl-shift-P)
– “Incognito” browsing if you are using Chrome (ctrl-shift-N)
then navigate to this page (YarmouthCAN.org) and click on the “Click here” link again.


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