Yarmouth Community Food Pantry Position Opening

The Yarmouth Community Food Pantry is looking for a Coordinator to help ensure that our community’s many food needs are met – please see the notice below:YFP ad jpeg


One thought on “Yarmouth Community Food Pantry Position Opening”

  1. Dear Friends

    Especially since I am one of many admirers of the work that you do, I am grateful that you have shared this information with me

    Brief self introduction………. I am a retired anthropologist(most recent 44 years of my career at Swarthmore College in PA), living now almost nine years in Yarmouth, two blocks from two of my three grandchildren, which is why I retired to Maine in the first instance. Since being here, I have found that there are alot of other reasons to enjoy being in Maine. Looming large among same for me has been alot of volunteer stuff, including……

    1) Seven years with the Riverton(in Portland)Boys & Girls Club, ten to fifteen hours per week

    2) Three and a half years as a volunteer at Riverton Elementary School(just a few blocks from the Club), 20 hours a week, all of it with students and teachers. For two and a half of these years, I was an Americorps volunteer.

    3) A number of years offering senior college courses, at OLLI in Portland, Midcoast in Brunswick, and Lewiston/Auburn……. am offering a course at each of the last two places this Spring term

    (2) is no longer under way, so I now have a large block of free time, as much as twenty hours per week or possibly more, and I would warmly welcome the opportunity to explore dedicating some or even all of it to the Yarmouth Community Food Pantry, in whatever capacity(ies) I might be capable and helpful. Perhaps I should add that, while I was at Swarthmore as a faculty member, I acquired a fair amount of administrative experience, which involved me inter alia in working with people from a number of different walks and administrative offices with a number of different responsibilities.

    With all thanks for your attention to this letter, and best wishes


    Steve Piker

    112 Bowdoin Street Yarmouth 04096 207 846 8778


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