Thank you Maples!

BIG Thank You to Maples for their donation of a portion of their March 31st sales!  We appreciate Maple’s commitment to working with Lunch Crunch to alleviate summertime food insecurity.

Planning Your Future Medical Care Presentation

Planning Your Future Medical Care
The What and The How

Presentation by Dr. David Giansiracusa
Monday, April 30 th , 2018
Merrill Memorial Library
5:30 pm

Give yourself and your loved-ones some precious gifts:

  • Plan what medical care you wish if you become seriously ill or
  • Choose and inform someone to speak for you should injury or
    illness prevent you from speaking for yourself.
  • Communicate:
    – which goals make your life most meaningful to you
    – what would be worse than death to you
  • Document and share these decisions with your loved ones and
    medical caregivers.

This presentation will cover:

  • What is Advance Care Planning?
  • Why is it hard to do? Why do people avoid doing it?
  • When should Advance Care Planning be done?
  • What important decisions should be made, shared in conversations,
    and documented in writing?

For additional information and to RSVP, please contact:

  • David Giansiracusa, MD
  • Maureen Brosnan SMAAA Resource Specialist 835-9866

April 7, 2018 Fun Run: for a cause!

Students in the Yarmouth schools with unstable access to weekend food during the school year can ask their Social Worker or Guidance Counselor about the Nutrition Closet program, which provides them with food to take home to help get them through the weekend.

Yarmouth High School students are organizing the Fun Run described in the flyer above to help fund this program. YCAN is grateful to those organizing this for helping to support this needed community program.

YCC Initiative On Hold Until November

Over the past months, the Yarmouth Community Center (YCC) intiative has considered a number of possible facility locations, as well as a number of potential uses for a YCC facility.

Our discussions have highlighted the fact that every aspect of a Community Center will be greatly affected by the Town’s upcoming decisions on Town and School facilities, and their related bond proposals. The November election will provide much needed clarity for the YCC effort, at which point we will be able to re-evaluate needs, options, and leadership.

Therefore, the YCAN Board (which sponsors the YCC initiative) has voted to pause YCC work until after the November election.

Volunteer Drivers Needed

YCAN’s Rides Program was started in 2012 and has become a rousing success. We have grown in the number of riders we service, where we go, and the hours we offer rides.

We need more drivers. We give rides Monday thru Friday for errands (local) and for medical appointments (local and in surrounding towns). Jean, the Rides Program coordinator, emails drivers with requests and drivers who are able to fill the requests let her know. What works well about this system is that no one is committed to a specific time and day each week. The more drivers we have, the greater our ability to fulfill all requests. Please consider joining us. You get to meet some wonderful folks!

If you would like to be added to our list of drivers, please contact Jean Rafford at 207-329-7295. Please spread the word to your friends, neighbors, and relatives!