Emergency/Acute Needs Fund


Please click on this link to view or print the application for the YCAN Emergency/ Acute Needs Fund. This fund is designed to address unmet immediate emergency/ acute needs of Yarmouth, Maine residents. YCAN works in collaboration with other organizations to connect residents with needed resources. This fund is intended to provide “stop-gap” help for a one-time emergency, or funding of a short duration to help families and individuals work towards sustainable solutions. We will collaborate with community organizations to help qualifying individuals and families receive the emergency support needed.

We encourage individuals to connect with community organizations such as Yarmouth Community Services (207-846-2406), Southern Maine Agency on Aging (207-396-6597), General Assistance (207-846-2406), YCAN (207-838-2261) and local churches and schools for assistance with completing the attached form.

Community organizations or individuals who would like to learn more about this program can email YCAN at ean@ycan.info or call 207-838-2261.

To submit an application, you may
– email a photo or scanned copy of the completed form to ean@ycan.info, or
– call YCAN at 207-838-2261 to provide your application information.

Yarmouth Cares About Neighbor’s (YCAN’s) mission is to connect people in the Yarmouth, Maine community with needed resources, and build community by encouraging volunteerism and collaborating with other community-based groups when appropriate.