Welcome to YCAN

YCAN is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect people in the Yarmouth, Maine community with needed resources and to build community by encouraging volunteerism and collaborating with other community-based groups.

In partnership with the Town of Yarmouth, Yarmouth Community Services, the Yarmouth Schools, and other town and regional non-profit organizations, YCAN’s focus is the following programs and services…

Yarmouth Community Food Pantry

Located behind the First Parish Congregational Church on Storer Street, the Food Pantry offers food for neighbors experiencing food insecurity. It also distributes senior food boxes and holiday food baskets. Food donations can be left in the deck box at the Food Pantry entrance on Storer Street. Call (207) 420-1880 or visit their Facebook page for more information.

Yarmouth Fuel Assistance

Administered by the Town of Yarmouth’s General Assistance Program, this fund uses YCAN donations to assist residents with fuel purchases and home weatherization. Call (207) 846-2406 for more information.

The Rides Program

Through this YCAN program, volunteer drivers provide free rides for local events, medical appointments, and errands for Yarmouth residents who are unable to drive. If you need a ride please call (207) 329-7295. If you wish to volunteer to be a driver, you may email rp@ycan.info or call (207) 329-7295.

Aging in Place (AIP)

In collaboration with Town departments, AIP volunteers create programs to support Yarmouth seniors who wish to remain in their homes/community. Volunteers produce a monthly e-newsletter with useful updates for seniors. Visit www.ycan.info to view E-news or for more information. Yarmouth also has a SMAA Resource Specialist available to assist seniors and families. To learn more, please email yarmouthresources@smaaa.org or call (207) 835-9866.

Project Holiday

In partnership with the Yarmouth Community Food Pantry, local civic and business organizations, and residents, YCAN coordinates and funds this program to support Yarmouth families in need of assistance with gifts, warm clothing, and food during the winter holiday. For more information, call (207) 838-2261.

Operation Bundle-Up

YCAN volunteers collect gently-used winter outerwear items for distribution to children and adults in need. YCAN also provides funding to purchase new winter wear as needed. To inquire, call (207) 846-2406.

Resource Guide

Volunteers maintain a resource guide listing service providers, funding agencies, churches, and other organizations to assist residents seeking help or wishing to volunteer. The guide can be downloaded from YCAN’s website (https://ycan.info/yarmouth-resources/) or found at Town Hall and Merrill Memorial Library.

Grants Program

This program is designed to promote community collaboration and volunteerism, in keeping with the YCAN mission. Email grants@ycan.info for more information.

Emergency/Acute Needs Program

YCAN collaborates with community organizations to help qualifying individuals and families receive needed one-time or short-term emergency support. For more information, email ean@ycan.info or call (207) 838-2261.

Additional programs supported by YCAN include:

  • School Nutrition Closet – This supplemental food program is for students with unstable access to weekend food while school is in session. YCAN provides financial support to this program, which is organized and run by Yarmouth School Department staff.

  • Summer Camp Vouchers for kids and teens – YCAN provides the ability for qualifying kids and teens to attend summer camp sponsored by Yarmouth Community Services.
  • Yarmouth Community Garden Harvest Dinner – YCAN is supporting this local group through its Grants Program.
  • Yarmouth Farmers’ Market Vouchers – These vouchers are distributed to patrons of the food pantry weekly to purchase fresh food from the Yarmouth Farmers’ Market during the spring, summer, and fall.  
  • Lunch Crunch – Organized by Yarmouth Community Services, this program provides free summer lunches to low income children under the age of 18 in Yarmouth, to help ensure they receive adequate nutrition while school is not in session.  YCAN has provided financial support to this program since 2015.
  • Food Insecurity Supplement Fund – In response to rising food costs, this is a temporary fund to help those in need.

Interested in donating goods, time, or money to help support YCAN’s programs?

All of YCAN’s programs are dependent on generous volunteers to administer and provide help for these programs.  Additionally, the work of YCAN is supported through generous donations of food, gifts, outerwear, and money. 

To learn more about how to donate or volunteer at YCAN, please visit any of these pages:

Donate time

Donate food or winter clothing

Donate money

YCAN is always interested in building its Board of Directors and volunteer base. To volunteer time to the YCAN Board of Directors or to serve as a director, please email pres@ycan.info.