YCAN Web Site Has New Layout

YCAN has just completed switching over to a new layout for its web site.  The new layout:

  • is easier to read (larger font sizes)
  • displays menus at the top left on tablet and computer screens
  • displays menus only when the Menu button is tapped on cellphone screens
  • has a single-level menu (no sub-menus) so all options are visible

We had a few hiccups switching over to this layout… we just learned that folks who receive an e-mail every time a new item is posted here have received a couple of strange e-mails (just a logo & nothing else, etc.). We apologize for that, and thank you for your patience.

Comments. suggestions, corrections, etc. on our site’s layout or content are always welcome. To do so, leave a comment on any of our home page posts by clicking on the “Leave a comment” link at the bottom left of the post, or send us an e-mail: ycan@ycan.info.  Thank you!