YCAN Brochure Updated

An updated version of the YCAN tri-fold brochure has been printed, and is now available at Town Hall and Merrill Library (and elsewhere as well). A PDF of the brochure is available for download by clicking here.


YCAN Web Site Has New Layout

YCAN has just completed switching over to a new layout for its web site.  The new layout:

  • is easier to read (larger font sizes)
  • displays menus at the top left on tablet and computer screens
  • displays menus only when the Menu button is tapped on cellphone screens
  • has a single-level menu (no sub-menus) so all options are visible

We had a few hiccups switching over to this layout… we just learned that folks who receive an e-mail every time a new item is posted here have received a couple of strange e-mails (just a logo & nothing else, etc.). We apologize for that, and thank you for your patience.

Comments. suggestions, corrections, etc. on our site’s layout or content are always welcome. To do so, leave a comment on any of our home page posts by clicking on the “Leave a comment” link at the bottom left of the post, or send us an e-mail: ycan@ycan.info.  Thank you!

YCAN has a new Web Address (URL)

Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YCAN) has obtained a new, easier to remember, and faster to type web address: ycan.info

This shorter address may be used interchangeably with our original web address (yarmouthcan.org), and has become our primary address. All connections to “yarmouthcan.org” are redirected to “ycan.info”, and bring you to this web site.