Aging in Place Community Survey Update

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the recent Aging in Place survey. More than 840 surveys were returned, which represents 24% of Yarmouth households. This is an amazing return, as most such surveys have less than a 10% return rate. Further, 51% of Yarmouth households age 65 and over returned their surveys.

There was strong awareness of existing programs, such as:
– Yarmouth Police Department morning safety check-in
– YCAN Rides program
– Meals on Wheels
– Yarmouth Community Services
– Yarmouth Fuel Fund
– Yarmouth Community Food Pantry
– Yarmouth Health Council Medical Equipment Loan Closet
But, the above programs are not used much by those who responded to the survey.

Yarmouth’s health care services were generally rated as good to excellent, though more mental health services (including dementia support) and a greater variety of specialists were requested.

Most people have opportunities to socialize with friends or family, but over 17% get together with others every 2-3 weeks or less. Almost 23% noted issues with walking in their neighborhoods due to physical limitations, sidewalk availability and/or the condition of the sidewalks.

Reasons for not remaining in Yarmouth included:
– the burden of property taxes
– the lack of affordable housing for those on a fixed income
– the health status of the respondents
– the lack of available support
– the location of adult children

67% rated a Community Center and 57% a Senior Center as a moderate to high need.

64% wanted volunteer opportunities while 45% requested help from volunteers.

For 65+ age group 58% want to volunteer and 41% need assistance.

The winning entries for Hannaford cards were Casey Walton and Rob Billings.

A full report will be presented to the Town Council in April. The next phase of the project involves brainstorming solutions to address the priorities identified by the survey. We will provide updates when they are available.

Contact Leigh Kirchner if you want to help with any phase of the project by phone at (207) 712-7244 or e-mail to “leighmk2050” at

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