Need Senior Services

Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors is supporting an Aging In Place (AIP) initiative in Yarmouth, led by Leigh Kirchner with support from a large group of volunteers. We interpret Aging In Place to mean: the ability to live in one’s home and community safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level.

The AIP initiative received a block grant to conduct a survey of needs in Yarmouth, and used the survey results to produce a plan for services that support seniors who wish to remain in their homes. Click here to view the final plan.

Yarmouth Aging In Place is now producing a quarterly newsletter. You may read the first issue here.

If you have questions about, or suggestions for needed services, or would like to participate, please call Leigh at 207-712-7244 or e-mail her:

Services available now:

  • Yarmouth AIP quarterly newsletter:
    Volume I, Issue 1
  • Rides are available to movies at Merrill Library, YCS field trips, as well as other destinations. See the Rides Program for more information.
    More drivers are always welcome. Please see Donate Time for more information.
  • Social Opportunities in Yarmouth
  • Health Services and Support
  • We were pleased to provide snow shoveling help this past winter to more than 15 families, and are now receiving other requests for help at home. We need your help with things like a therapy dog visit, gardening help, dog walking support, etc.  – all requests we’ve been able to fulfill so far.  If you enjoy helping others (no matter what age you are) please let us know if you can help with either a one-time or an on-going request.
  • We are also looking for someone to help us coordinate both the above requests for home help and the volunteers who help.  So if organizing is your thing please contact Leigh Kirchner at 207-712-7244 or

Click here for statistical information about seniors in Yarmouth, Maine.