Need Heating Assistance

The Yarmouth Heating Assistance Fund (formerly called the Fuel Fund) is made possible by generous donations from Yarmouth, Maine residents and businesses to Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YCAN). It benefits Yarmouth, Maine residents, and is administered through the Yarmouth General Assistance Office.

Assistance is available to moderate-income to low-income households, with particular attention to those households not qualifying for other fuel assistance programs but still in need of assistance (for example households receiving unemployment benefits, households relying on minimum wage incomes, etc). For each new heating season, applicants are eligible for up to 100 gallons of heating fuel, with exceptions being made in emergency situations.

Yarmouth, Maine residents should contact the Yarmouth General Assistance Office to schedule an appointment or obtain an application: 207-846-2406 x326.

In a life-threatening or health-threatening emergency or after hours, contact the Yarmouth Police Department at 207-846-3333.

Maine LIHEAP (Low-Income Home-Energy Assistance Program)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible low-income homeowners and renters pay for heating costs. LIHEAP provides help with home-energy costs including fuel assistance, emergency fuel, home weatherization and energy-related repairs, and eligibility screening for other assistance programs.

To apply for LIHEAP, Yarmouth residents should call the Opportunity Alliance at 207-553-5900 to schedule an appointment.

Important to know:

  • An application for LIHEAP benefits usually takes several months to process.
  • Applicants must apply each new heating season.
  • Benefits are generally issued only in November.
  • LIHEAP is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
  • Apply early to maximize your chances of getting help before funds run out.

Other Federal Programs Requiring LIHEAP Eligibility:

General Assistance Program

General Assistance funds are available in each Maine municipality to help people who do not have enough money for basic needs including rent/mortgage, food, heating fuel, non-elective medical needs, and other essential services.

The General Assistance Program is regulated by state law, which sets an overall maximum level of assistance that a household can receive.

To be eligible for General Assistance funds, both of these statements must be true:

  • Your income falls below the overall maximum level of assistance for a household your size, and
  • Your income is less than the amount you need to pay for basic necessities, based on established guidelines.

Food, housing, utilities, personal care, and household supplies maximum levels are based on size of household.

Heating assistance maximum levels vary by time of year.

To apply for General Assistance, Yarmouth Maine residents should contact the Yarmouth General Assistance Office at 207-846-2406 x326 to schedule an appointment.

In a life-threatening or health-threatening emergency or after hours, contact the Yarmouth Police Department at 207-846-3333.

If you are physically unable to come to the office, arrangements can be made to process a phone application or conduct a home visit or perhaps arrange with you for your relative or another representative you authorize to apply for you.

A written decision as to eligibility will be made within 24 hours after an application is made, and assistance can be provided immediately in the event of an emergency. If sufficient information has not been furnished to determine eligibility, however, the application will be considered incomplete and the applicant will be found ineligible for any assistance until adequate information is provided.